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Pillot's Book Store, Houston
A 1947 Book Mark

I like opening an old book and finding an old book mark that offers a few clues about the book's provenance. Or opens a window into a community's history. Recently, I purchased Author Hunting: Memories of Years Spent Mainly in Publishing 1897-1925 , by an Old Literary Sportsman Grant Richards, Coward-McCann, Inc., 1934. That is the complete title and unusual byline. I didn't discover until later an old book mark buried deep somewhere in the 319 pages. It was from Pillot's Books, Stationery, and Gifts in Houston. As book marks go, this is a nice one because of all the information provided on it. An old fashioned graphic with a subtle bookish theme starts things off. Immediately below that is a calendar month for January 1947. And below that is what appears to be a recommended reading list, phrased "Have You Read?" Some blank space follows and at the bottom is the store's name and address. The other side of the book mark lists Selected New Books, Kenneth Ro