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Buying books in January

G.F. Warfield, a Hartford, Connecticut bookseller, issued the little sales booklet above in January 1923. After several full-page ads for various books, there is a message to January book buyers: January--a time when winds blow and snows come deep, when open fires feel cozy and an easy chair spells comfort. A "stay-at-home" month, when, with a good book as companion, one travels the fireside reading route without stirring from the home circle.  Are you one of the lucky ones who has discovered its charms? If not, take a tip from your trusted friend, the bookseller, and engage passage at once on a literary cruise that takes you the land of books. There are varied routes and a choice as to tickets, but all lead to a winter of real content and enjoyment. G.F. Warfield was in business between 1910 and 1929, but his tenure with the bookstore was only one of many booksellers who preceded and followed him. About two years ago, writing about Witkower's in Hartford , I unc