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A Trace of Levi K. Fuller's Vermont Library

Levi K. Fuller  (1841-1896) was Vermont's 44th governor, serving a two-year term upon his election in 1892. This I learned after acquiring a few old Vermont Legislature booklets with Fuller's bookplate.   Bookplate might even be an inaccurate description of the paper pasted on the booklets. Label seems more fitting somehow given the business-like nature of these aids to finding a book's proper place when returning it to the shelf. And business-like would be an accurate characterization of the man behind the name on the library label. The organization and efficiency indicated by his library served him well in his diverse pursuits of business, political, civic and philanthropic endeavors.  Fuller trained as a machinist and studied engineering and manufacturing, which helped him land a job with Estey Organ Company in Brattleboro, Vermont. Though he married the owner's daughter, he rose through the ranks to the executive level on his own merits. He patented m