Giulio, Giannini & Figlio of Firenze, (Florence) Italy

A 1914 billhead from Italian papermakers and booksellers Giulio, Giannini & Figlio of Firenze (Florence). This firm was established in 1856 and is still in business today, known primarily for their paper (

Some interesting things to note on this old billhead: First, the red initial letters of the names in the title give it an appearance reminiscent of a medieval illuminated manuscript. Second, the order, or invoice is all in English. I assume this is so because the customer appears to be English or American. I also like the bookplate depiction in the upper left corner with the lamb and the books on the ground. There is a Latin phrase across a banner that reads: Usque dum vivam et ultra. Also noteworthy is the long list of items purchased--two pages worth totaling $168 (amount given in dollars). Most billheads I see include only one or two items on the invoice.


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