More book trade labels

Collecting interests regarding books and book-related ephemera don't necessarily diverge with collectors; they often merge, as I'm discovering with my own interests. I have collected books of one kind or another for many years. Bookplates, trade labels, and other interesting ephemera found in acquisitions were considered a nice surprise or bonus, but they were not actively sought nor purchased strictly for their collectability. Many of these inconspicuous bits of paper, tucked away on endpaper corners, are easily overlooked.

My last post (Classic Motorbooks label) got me to finally start looking through my own library for overlooked and forgotten nuggets of bibliophemera. A quick search of a few bookcases turned up a decent beginning. As time permits, I'll do more searching and hopefully find some nice examples of these tiny bits of ephemera.

I also searched the Web for any information that might exist about collectors and collections. Here's a few that impressed me: Sarah Faragher's collection and Seven Roads Gallery of Book Trade Labels.

Here are some I found around the house:


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