Libreria Tecnica CP 67 - Buenos Aires

Here's a bookshop ticket from a book published in London, sold in Buenos Aires, and found in Houston. It's done some traveling.

From the Architectural Press in London, the book in which I discovered this ticket is titled, Inscape: The Design of Interiors, edited by Hugh Casson.

I wondered if the Buenos Aires bookshop might have specialized in architecture books and if it still existed. I didn't have to search too far to find my answer in the form of a YouTube video celebrating 40 years of business. And yes, it does appear to have a specialty in the field of architecture.

Reviewing the publication date, 1968, I thought of this: The video commemorates 40 years of business. The video was made in 2007, so 1967 must have been the opening year. And this book would have been one of the early titles to grace their shelves, having arrived the following year.

And after all these years, the bookshop is still in business selling the same kinds of books. These days, when physical bookstores are going belly up or switching to Internet only business models, it's refreshing to see someone doing it their way and still kicking. A belated Feliz Cumpleanos!


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