Goodspeed's Book Shop ephemera

A recent purchase of an old Goodspeed's catalogue turned up a few pieces of related ephemera tucked inside the cover.

Catalogue 233 - Rare Americana. Goodspeed's Book Shop at 7 Ashburton Place in Boston. The catalogue is not dated, but a postcard inside indicates 1936 was the year.

In a recent post, I referenced Goodspeed's publication, This Month at Goodspeed's. So it was particularly nice to find an envelope representative of what they were mailed in. None of the copies I've collected (some 100-200 publications) have a mailer with them.

This is also the year that Goodspeed decided to leave the Ashburton address and open up shop at 18 Beacon Street. Included in my Goodspeed ephemera was a postcard announcing the move.


  1. Hi Chuck,

    I have come into possession of over 100 old Goodspeed catalogs from the 1900s thru the 1930s. If you know of folks that collect these pass my email to them?

    Mike Brouillette

  2. My Grandfather Michael J Walsh worked at Goodspeed for many many years and was considered an expert. Paula Walsh Miles

    1. How interesting! Hope you have some stories or correspondence about his memories as a bookseller with Goodspeed. He is mentioned in Charles E. Goodspeed's memoir, Yankee Bookseller (1937), as the Americana expert with the firm. Goodspeed's son, George, also wrote a memoir and one of the Appendices contains an obituray written by your grandfather for the elder Goodspeed. That reference is here. I will contact you directly about the Yankee Bookseller reference. Too much to type here. Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. Great Blog.

    I am looking for a Goodspeed sale of a letter of George Washington transmitting the first 12 amendments to the Constitution to the governor of Maryland, John Eager Howard, that would have been acquired/sold by Goodspeed in 1930. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Thanks. I'll check my collection of The Month at Goodspeed's and see if I have a 1930 issue that has the info you're seeking. No suggestions otherwise. For now.

    2. None of my 1930 publications (The Month at Goodspeed's Book Shop) contain a reference to Washington's letter. Perhaps a sale catalog from that year would list the letter. As of today, I find only one online from that year:


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