A new Web site for bookseller labels

Gabe Konrad, of Bay Leaf Books in Sand Lake, Michigan, has informed me of a new Web site he's launched devoted to bookseller labels. He writes, "I wanted a place where I could post interesting label news and keep a current list of links." Have a look at www.booksellerlabels.com and see if you agree with me that he's off to a fine start. I'll certainly be checking in regularly to see what's new. He has some great examples and helpful information on this diminutive paper collectible.

From time to time, I feature a few bookseller labels on this blog--those tiny, stamp-sized stickers that advertise a bookseller's business. You usually find them in older books affixed to a lower corner of either the front or rear endpaper. Some examples from my small collection are shown below.

Here's a few other collections that I've referenced before, which you'll also find on Konrad's site: Seven Roads Gallery of Book Trade Labels and the massive collection of Austrian collector, Reinhard Öhlberger, who has what is likely the largest collection of these labels--more than 24,000. Sarah Faragher's collection is also noteworthy, and I've corresponded with a Dutch collector, whose collection is extremely impressive.

But check out www.booksellerlabels.com for much more on this interesting collectible from booksellers both long gone and still with us.


  1. Hi Chuck. Happy New Year. This label site is quite interesting. It certainly has the potential of being a great reference place for a small piece of "bibliophemera"

  2. Happy New Year to you, Cary! I agree on the new labels site. I would imagine you've seen a good number of these with your vast collection of antiquarian books.


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