Bookplate for a Hooper Hooper

Here is a bookplate with an unusual pairing of the same middle and last names: Samuel Hooper Hooper.

The bookplate features a boar's head, which can be found in other family crest or armorial designs. But I'm not sure what the button-like objects are or represent.

Samuel Hooper Hooper showed up quickly in an Internet search that landed on a page featuring a building Hooper once lived in. The site also offers some biographical information on Hooper:
"Samuel Hooper Hooper was a real estate investor and investment banker. In later years, he became a wine importer. He organized and led the Boston Assembly society balls for many years, and was a founder and the first president of the Tennis and Raquet Club."
His biblio connection? He was a member of "one of the oldest and most distinguished independent libraries and cultural institutions in the United States:" The Boston Athenaeum.


  1. I found this in a book today thanks for the info!

    1. You're welcome! Good to know there's another Hooper Hooper out there.


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